Episode 199

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31st Aug 2021

Where Lyric Ideas Hide with Bruce Hilliard

Welcome to the Better Each Day podcast from me to you, episode 199.  I’m your host Bruce Hilliard and I hope your everything is ducky.

I like to write. I’ve written for business, pleasure, grocery lists, short stories, incredibly informative texts, speeches, advertisements, and my favorite thing to write since I can remember, songs.

Some of my songs are completely made up and some are based on experience. This next song is both. When I was in my early twenties I still had my high school sweetheart. My band was playing smokey taverns and I didn’t have a plan other than to buy lottery tickets...which I never did.

My girl had her eye on bigger and better stallion so shortly after her return from a trip to California she announced to me that she had met a guy at Disneyland. A ride operator at the “Happiest Place on Earth” was waiting there to marry her. 

So here’s the setup. And my apologies to those that have heard my stories. His name was Mickey. My logical but unfiltered response was “Mickey from Disneyland? Is his last name Mouse?”

That ended my comedy career.

You won’t hear Mickey mentioned in this song. Only a goofy dude telling her to make her dreams come true, move away, I’ll be okay...but please don’t go and leave me here in raintown. She did.

That was me and my brother’s harmony acting out a hit from 1960 by Mark Dinning. I wrote this next song about a young woman, too young, in England. The perfect “if I only had a time machine” romance. Someone I’ll most likely never meet but her casual friendship and Facebook selfies inspired this one. Thank you Sam.

Roses and Strawberry Rain is based on a conversation between me and my friend Annie, a mother of two and as a child she played with her My Little Ponies toys and that being endearing enough right there, I took the image of a little girl making up grandiose adventures for her horse Strawberry Rain that runs for the roses.

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