Episode 191

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26th Jun 2021

Doogie White "As Yet Untitled", Cool Covers and More with Bruce Hilliard

The intro music you just heard was the guitar of Richie Blackmore, probably best known for his work with rock band Deep Purple and the vocals of today’s guest, from Scotland, the great pipes of Doogie White.

Welcome to the Better Each Day podcast. I’m your host Bruce Hilliard with a very special guest.

Sometimes there’s an interview where I could go on talking to the guest for hours. This is one of them. The dinner bell rang and Doogie had to run. His album, As Yet Untitled, the topics, everything else.

Doogie started his career in his native Scotland in 1984 by fronting the Scottish hard rock band La Paz, paying his dues, and making a couple of records that instantly showcased his big, powerful voice.


After auditioning for the lead vocalist slot in Iron Maiden and touring Japan in 1991 with Praying Mantis, White recorded a demo tape that eventually ended up in the hands of Ritchie Blackmore, who, in 1994, hired White to be Rainbow’s lead singer.


White remained in Rainbow until 1997 with the band releasing 1995’s Stranger in Us All album that featured Doogie as lead vocalist.  A live CD/DVD, entitled Black Masquerade, recorded in 1995, was released in 2013.


White went on to join Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force in 2001 and recorded two albums (Attack!! and Unleash the Fury) before leaving the band in 2008 and joining UK metal band Tank, with whom he recorded two albums.


Doogie joined up with another legendary guitarist, Michael Schenker, in 2011 and recorded two albums under the moniker Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock.


He is currently the lead vocalist in longtime UK hard rock band, Alcatrazz, when he took over from the band’s founding singer, Graham Bonnet, in 2020. Alcatrazz released its first single, Turn of the Wheel, with Doogie on vocals, in June 2021.


He’s performed and recorded with loads of other big names over the years, but rather than me listing them all here, let’s set up a call with Doogie and you can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Please welcome Doogie White.

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