Episode 209

Published on:

21st Nov 2021

Bruce Hilliard Songs By Request with Host Bruce Hilliard

Welcome times a trillion to the 10th degree. I’m the familiar voice of Bruce Hilliard and today’s show is Bruce Songs By Request. These are selfie recordings, all written, performed, recorded, mixed and blessed with fairy dust by me. 

Be sure to click in on Thanksgiving: Bruce’s High School Football Adventure this Thanksgiving. It’s a fun look at my childhood, football and the glory days of the Aberdeen/Hoquiam Thanksgiving Football Classic.

Don’t miss it. It’s made more headlines than a corduroy pillow. Find a time to break away from the craziness and give it a listen. Some nostalgic music and speaking of music, here’s one I wrote…

When I was little I saw Darby O’Gill and the Little People, a Disney film. It had a death coach that comes out of the dark mist, picks up passengers and flies off to Florida, or somewhere. The EQ is courtesy of brother Gary. It’s the telephone sound and makes the next song CA pop! The Midnight Arrow is coming for someone.

I hope you enjoy the music.

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